Outdoor burning is permitted in South Strabane under certain conditions. The days and hours for burning in a screened burn barrel are Wednesday 4-8 p.m. and Saturday 12 noon - 8 p.m. . Materials which may be burned in a burn barrel include paper and paper products; no garbage, leaves or other trash which may create offensive odors are permitted to be burned
Newspapers which are collected as part of the townships curbside program are not permitted to be burned.

Outdoor burning of brush, wood or similar materials (not in a burn barrel) is only allowed by requesting permission from the Fire Chief.

A burning permit must be obtained prior to the burning of trees incidental to the development of land or the construction of buildings.  Information on such burning permit can be obtained from the Township office.

Township homeowners and businesses must make arrangements with a private garbage hauler for garbage collection.  Garbage haulers are licensed by the Township; a list of licensed haulers can be obtained by contacting the Township office.

It is required that all Township residences and businesses receive garbage collection from a licensed hauler.

Township ordinance requires that garbage must be placed at curbside no more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to collection and that emptied garbage containers must be removed from curbside within twenty-four hours after collection.

The Township began its state-mandated recycling program in 1992.  All residences must participate in the program which consists of once-per-month collection of glass, cans and plastic containers (# 1 thru # 7) and newspapers in a 20-gallon blue recycling container provided by the Township. 

Containers and schedule information regarding recycling is available at the Township office.

Multifamily locations in the Township are responsible to implement their own recycling programs and report to the Township annually on the quantity of materials recycled.

Businesses, commercial and industrial locations in the Township must recycle aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard and office paper, if they are generated, and report to the Township annually on the quantity of materials recycled.

Township ordinance requires that grass and other vegetation in residential areas be kept cut and cannot exceed 8 inches in height.

Township ordinance requires that all vehicles parked in the Township must have valid inspection and registration stickers.

Township ordinance also requires that no residence or business can accumulate trash or debris on their property, since such trash accumulation can create a nuisance.  Uninspected/unregistered vehicles, as well as trash accumulation noticed in the Township, should be reported to the Township office.

Township ordinance requires the display of address identification numbers on all residences, apartment buildings and commercial businesses in the Township.  Such house number display provides better identification for police, fire and emergency personnel to locate your residence or business.

Address identification numbers must be prominently attached to the structure and be at least 4 inches in height.  Additional information on house numbering can be obtained from the Township office.

In accordance with state law, dogs are not permitted to run loose in the Township.  Township ordinance also provides for enforcement against "frequent, long or excessive" barking of dogs.

For additional information regarding animal control, or to report dogs running loose, please contact the Township's Animal Control Officer at 724-746-4344.

Door-to-door solicitation is permitted upon issuance of a peddler’s/solicitor’s license.  Persons interested in soliciting in the Township must complete an application form and submit such application form to the Township office, along with the applicable fee.
Applications for a peddler’s/solicitor’s license can be obtained at the Township office or on the Township website under “Permits and Licenses”.

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